Deaf Rainbow NSW, formerly known as the Deaf Gay & Lesbian Association of NSW (DGLA), is an inclusive social network for the Queer Deaf community of NSW. Our organisation’s aim is to provide support, resources, and interpersonal connection to our Deaf community and raise awareness of the unique challenges and experiences present within the community as a whole.

The Queer Deaf community is not going anywhere, and Deaf Rainbow NSW will continue to champion our causes and push for social change as part of recognising the unique, beautiful experience of being Deaf and Queer. We have a rich history of campaigning for social justice, outreach and community engagement. We engage with social events like Fair Day, the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and WorldPride to bring visibility to the Queer Deaf community and foster social connections between our members. We believe in a world in which all Queer Deaf people can come together as a united community across the state.